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For working parents, it is always a challenge to spend quality time with kids. Last week when I saw my calendar, I saw that that my following week is going to be packed with an outdoor shoot and loads of writing work which will take most of my day’s time. For all you busy mums out there it is often a tussle between a job and family. It takes you on a royal guilt trip and at the same time keeps you worried at work. So how do you take out time for your kid? SO here are 5 ways to make the most of your time and spend a chunk of your time with your kiddo.

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Tip No 1- Be spontaneous – For this particular outdoor location trip, my family could accompany me, so we all set course to my shoot location to one of my favorite city – Jaipur.

Tip No 2 – Limit Discipline – While making quality time with your kid, it is no fun when all you are doing is scolding him. So have fun each moment and enjoy your time with him/her.

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Tip No 3. Let your inner child out – Let that inner child of yourself to run free as much as your child. I played silly games with my son, laughed a lot and let it go. I had lot of fun memories with him on this trip.

Tip No 4. Give him/her an inexpensive camera – While traveling, hand out your little explorer a not-so-expensive phone or a camera that they can play with, take photographs and enjoy themselves.I am sure this will automatically bring a smile on your face as you see them act as grownups.

Tip No 5: take Short Breaks – I love my job and for shoots like these, I usually start early, work throughout the day to and try to wrap it up by evening. I make sure, that I take out short breaks, go for a nice long stroll with my son and also have my meals together.

Simple isn’t it? I hope you liked all the above tips to be happy while at work and also spend some time with your kid.Keep Following A Classic Mom for more fun episodes like these.

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