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Top family movies to watch during Holiday Season 2017

Movies that you can watch during holidays to bring the festive spirit home

This is my favourite time of the year when we hit the pause button because Holiday season is soon going to begin. Kids and family are at home. If I am not on a vacation, I like to slip in to my favourite pair of cozy pajamas, grab a bowl of popcorn and my drink curl up with the family and watch these top family movies which top my charts as all time favourites. I have chosen 11 top all time favourite family movies that help you get into the happy holiday mood.

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No 1. English Vinglish
“English Vinglish” may not seem like a seasonal holiday movie but it is in my chart because the film does a great job of being both a family entertainer and one that showcases a beautiful, emotional story. Even more, the movie follows Sridevi’s excellent performance as Shashi as she learns English, while she spends her time in America throughout the seasons.A perfect fit to get you to holiday mood.

No 2. White Christmas
For all those who haven’t seen “White Christmas,” do so immediately! This classic film—about a famous producing team who put together a Christmas show with their lady loves—should be a staple on everyone’s holiday viewing schedule. Plus, who doesn’t love the Bing Crosby song, “White Christmas”? Best to watch during Holiday season.

No 3. Elf
No one can deny that Buddy the Elf’s journey to find his real father in New York City is mandatory holiday viewing. Will Ferrell may be a comic genius, but he’s never been as sweet, charming and endearing as he is in this film. This is always in my list of holiday movies.

No 4. 3 Idiots
This is one of Aamir Khan’s best movies till date that I can watch n number of times so I included this in my holiday wishlist.

No 5. Holiday
Kate Winslet. A snow-covered English cottage. A breezy California mansion. What’s not to love? Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black also star in this sugary-sweet film about two women who are unlucky in the love department and do a house swap to escape their doomed relationships… only to stumble upon surprising new romances just in time for Christmas.

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No 6. Mubarakhan & 123
These are gems that very few people have seen but these are absolute laugh riots

No 7.Frozen
This animated comic fantasy from Disney about a princess who must convince her sister, the queen, to bring summer back after she uses magic powers to freeze the kingdom. FROZEN is not only a funny, entertaining movie, with incredible animation, its highly redemptive, moral premise shows that true love is sacrifice.

This movie brings an impressive array of talent to bear on an adaptation that honors a classic holiday story — and has rightfully become a yuletide tradition of its own.

No 9. Sing
Think of it as “American Idol” with animals. Hoping to save his theater, a koala bear named Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) starts a singing competition and some unlikely talents sign up to take part. Hilarious turn of events and amazing foot tapping songs will keep you gripped throughout

No 10. Om Shanti Om
Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan’s OM SHANTI OM is a true-blue masala entertainer. If MAIN HOON NA was a chauka, this one hits a sixer!

No 11. Home Alone
We cannot exclude this all time favorite Christmas movie no matter how hard we try..With a slightly outrageous concept, Kevin McCallister lives out all your childhood fantasies in this ’90s classic.

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