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How to choose an international school for your child?

Checklist for parents to choose the best international school for their child

Parents are bombarded with a plethora of school options available to them in their city while they are choosing the right school for their kid. The question here is what are the key points they should consider to make an informed choice to put their kids on the right course of informed learning?

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“Education is the passport to future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today.” – Malcolm X

I recently was invited by the core team of The GIIS, Noida to their campus for a detailed discussion on what questions should we as parents ask ourselves before choosing an international school for our children.

Your child

  • Does your child feel happy to go to school?
  • Are activities planned to assist him to learn the basics well?
  • The strength of the class
  • Individual student focus and counselling
  • Regular information flow to parents and how easy are the teachers approachable?
  • If you child has ‘special learning needs’, how will the school meet these?

The Curriculum

  • Is the approach child-centric and challenging enough to develop each child’s strengths and love of learning?
  • Are the course offerings sufficiently extensive to meet your child’s needs?
  • How are many co-curricular activities (arts, sports, clubs, community service) offered?
  • What types of standardized tests are offered, and how do the students perform?
  • In the last year, what universities accepted the school’s graduates?

The Teachers

  • What are the expectations for staff about students of high ability, special needs, ESL, other areas?
  • Are all the teachers certified?
  • Does the school support professional development, so teachers learn and apply ‘best practices’?
  • During your visit, are the teachers available and friendly?

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The School

  • Is the school accredited?
  • How many years has the school existed?
  • Are all facilities such as libraries and IT state-of-the-art and well maintained?
  • The proximity of the school. Travel time and mode of transport available.
  • What security precautions is the school taking?
  • Were all questions answered in a straight-forward manner with documentation readily offered for claims?

Your involvement

  • Does the school have a strong sense of community in which you and your family can play an active and happy role?
  • To what extent can you be a partner in your child’s learning?
  • Does the school offer opportunities for parent education?
  • Are there opportunities for you to contribute to the school by sharing your own skills and knowledge?

Some unique features that make Global India International School (GIIS)  be one of  the best  to nurture the generation of today are:

  • Proprietary learning framework – 9 GEMS focused on holistic development of the child
  • Superior academic results every year. GIIS has produced 8 IB world toppers globally so far.
  • Excellent teaching methodology & tools
  1. Google Classrooms which make use of special G suites, giving access to various apps for teaching with no requirement of carrying your storage devices to AV rooms
  2.  Flipped classrooms where the teacher sends a content or a video to students before picking up that topic in class so as to generate their interests in that topic
  3. Cross Campus teaching helps an expert teacher in one campus give lessons to
    students of other campuses using video conferencing facilities
  4. Hands-on experience learning to tickle the critical and creative thinking through Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Aeromodelling and Leaps projects
  5. Global Student Exchange is a unique initiative to leverage our global presence to help students across geographies learn from each other
  6. Curriculum Enhancers programs focused on Academic Excellence, Interactive Learning, Sports Excellence
  7. Leveraging technology and social media in the right proportion that draws interest level, engagement and involvement among the students
  •  Multiple curriculum options offered across all campuses globally – GMP, CBSE, IGCSE, IB
  • Smooth Inter-Campus transfer policy connecting all 23 campuses globally. This is  a unique benefit available only at GIIS
  • Fully funded GIIS Global Citizen Scholarships programs for 10 students from India (both GIIS and non-GIIS) every year to outstanding students of class X to study XI and XII in one of the flagship schools in Singapore
  • Happiness Index is unique to GIIS which allows the teachers to evaluate and measure the happiness of each child through several indicators viz., Feedback from Students, Academic Performance and their Level of participation
  • MYGIIS, The GIIS Learning tracker helps parents stay connected with the school 24×7
  • Receptive to change and aligning curriculum, program and learning tools that correspond to 21 st century teachings viz., STEM, Entrepreneurship Bootcamps, Robotics, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Creativity. All of these activities are managed and conducted as part of our GCIE (Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

International education offers a learning philosophy supporting the development of human progress.Education is not just about how much one knows, but how much one cares. So it was quite an eye-opener for me and the above discussion has opened my options to choose the best for my child and explore the fantastic opportunities that life at international school can bring to him,

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