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Road Safety for Kids and Mom Driving | Choose the right car seat

How to drive safe with our little passengers and keep kids safe on car seat

Moms have so many responsibilities but first and foremost is to keep their kids safe everywhere. Most moms drive the kids around picking them up or dropping the little passengers at school, going to hobby classes, play dates or shopping. So possibilities are they are not 100% alert which is so dangerous for them and their little ones. So keeping the kids safety of mom safety in mind here are some rules that you must follow when on the road:

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First thing first, be on time. We Indians are always in a hurry but the fact of the matter is we have squandered all our time and are running against it. This, my friend, is a recipe for disaster.

No 2. Buckle Up : You know about this. For every trip, your kids have to be buckled up. Even if it is a short trip they should be buckled up according to their age, size, bla bla bla. They should also know how important it is to use seat belts. If at all you forget they should remind you. By no means, never allow them to share a seat belt. Before you start always look behind to see if they are safe and secure and then drive. Kids below 7 always have to be on a car seat or a booster seat. If you are confused to choose the best car seat for your little ones here are some quick tips to help you, moms:

  • When it comes to choosing a baby car seat, you have several options in the market and you end up being so confused. For an infant, until the baby is about 12-15months old (usually up to 13kg) – you can use an infant car seat. Transition to a convertible car seat after the baby turns one. Once the baby is about 4 years or 20kg and above you must use a booster seat till the child is about 7 years.
  •  There are 3 types of car seats for different age groups:

Rear- Facing Infant Seats – (newborn – 15 mths) This is the car seat you should ideally bring your infant                            home from the hospital. In this model, the child is seated facing the rear, which provides maximum                                        protection to the highly vulnerable and extremely fragile body of your newborn.

Forward facing toddler seat  (1 – 4 yrs)- When your little one enters toddlerhood, and he is ready to                                      turn about  and look out of the window! This model allows your kid to explore the world while still                                        restraining him firmly from unwanted movements and jerks so that he is safe!

Booster Seats for older children  (4 yrs above)-  These seats do not have any restraints to hold children                               in place.  They only raise their position such that the car’s seat belt fits them properly.

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The brand that I can swear on and I have been using for my baby is Graco.

No 3 Child Lock: Technology can be complicated. In the modern day cars child lock is absolutely imperative. I was horrified when I learnt that Laksh could open the door even if the car was centrally locked.

Kids love monkeying around, you know that so they constantly keep sticking their hands out of the window and do all sorts of naughty things that could be fatal. That is why both my rear doors and windows are always child locked.

No 4. Easier said than done. Stay calm on the roads. Indian roads are full of perils from pot holes to fallen trees to road rage to animals to falling meteorite!

That might be a bit of an exaggeration! Some things that is much more dangerous on the road are people with a phone. I have even seen people texting when they are driving and they have no clue where they are going.

Which brings us to No 5. No Phones while driving.

The moment you look away from the road is when you risk your life and your kid’s life. You are in a situation when you want to use your mobile for direction. Pull over and use it!

Hope these road safety tips are helpful to keep moms and kids safe on the roads. Watch the video to see how to stay calm and composed while driving.

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