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Lakshu’s First Train Journey

Travel with Kids in Train

These days air travel is preferred over train journeys because we all want to save time!. But in case you find yourself on a long train journey with your kids here are things that you should remember so it is a  joyride rather than a trip to hell.

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  1. Encourage your child’s natural curiosity – Kids are very curious about trains so arrive early..take them for a stroll around the station and allow them to explore but because it is a crowded place, always escort them. Show them the Rail Time charts and tell them about the arrival and departure time.
  2. Practice some thumb rules – Tell them to always be by your side, Do not touch anybody’s bag. Also advise them not to get down in stations without adult supervision
  3. Keep your children entertained – I had carried several options for Laksh. like cards, board games like ludo, snakes & ladder, a sketchbook, scribbling pad and clay to keep them engaged and avoid them to get glued to phones
  4. Carry Sanitisers and wet wipes. You will need loads of them
  5. Dress them comfortably. Make them wear loose pants so that they can move around freely and sleep in them too. Carry a change in your handbag. Also, make them wear socks. It gets a little chilly in there so take a light jacket or a sweatshirt
  6. Most importantly carry enough food for them because eating outside and from the railway pantry is strictly not advisable. So carry meals for the same day if possible. You can carry puri aaloo or paratha rolls. Laksh likes curd rice so I had carried some for him. But that will not last long in summers so make sure you feed them soon. Carry fruits and water.

4th March 2018… a beautiful Sunday evening …I was excited and nervous to take my to take my little boy on his first train journey!


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I have always loved traveling and I think Laksh also enjoys being on the move; be it train or a plane…a quick adventure or an epic travel we are always ready.

.As we settled in our third AC coach…Laksh was busy exploring the berths climbing up and down and up and down. Soon he started chit chatting with co-passengers asking them all kinds of questions and they were no longer strangers ..from sharing his kurkure to playing cards ) to watching movies & learning how to solve Rubix cube he was having a ball…as time ticked away…minutes stretched to hours …slowly the entire coach became Lakshu’s friends…He even found his namesake and it was bromance at first sight and they were inseparable thereafter.

There is something about the sound of the train that makes me nostalgic..takes me back to my childhood journeys with my mumma and papa . Then suddenly..the chai wala’s nasal chanting chai chai chai was music to my ears as I was longing to have a kadak cup of tea while I was sipping the kadak ginger tea, I also had chatpata  samosa and the pakodas served with fried chilis. Bliss!

I wanted to give my child the experience of traveling in a train, right from buying the good old comics  Pinki and Chacha Chowdary and Panchatantra from the station to meeting new people, making new friends, spending hours lying down reading ,  playing ludo, cards or just staring out of the window watching lush green fields …pretty much having a great time!

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