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Legoland California Experience

Are you a Lego Fanatic? If you are then a trip to Legoland California theme park is a must.


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The most colorful theme park with tons of fun and entertainment with your kids (especially toddlers) and family based on Lego toy brand located in Carlsbad, California called LEGOLAND. I recently visited this miniature theme park with our 5 yr old and went totally berserk with the play areas and fun rides that he experienced. It was so much fun watching him play and have a good time..

I wanted to do a Lego experiential special vlog to show all the great things this themepark offers. Hope you like my video. Do like, share and subscribe to my channel for interesting videos like this.

You need to be an Adrenalin junkie if you are traveling with kids. And if you are planning a trip to LEGOLAND, California soon then you are in for a treat. Because our lego loving son had huge expectations from this theme park, we were pleasantly surprised that this place is worth a visit.

Tip No 1. Take a 1 day pass for this miniature theme park as it is a good place to spend a day seeing your kid having a fantabulous time enjoying the rides especially NINJAGO interactive rides, water park and other kiddie rides.

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Tip No 2. Kids age 2 to 12 yrs will enjoy Legoland a lot as it is so colorful and has everything that attracts kids.

Tip No 3. Arrive Early to make the most of your time at Legoland California

Tip No 4. Make sure you take your kid to the Driving Area. It has cars of all shapes and sizes where kids can take the wheels and have fun driving.

Tip No 5. Don’t miss out on Miniland. It is like tons of little towns all made out of legos.

At most theme parks,going for as many rides is our topmost priority. But at Legoland California we allowed ourselves to experience the whole park instead of just one aspect of it. I had a hectic but a fun fun day at this theme park. I hope you enjoyed reading this and watching the video. Keep watching this space for more such fun videos.

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