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Sandiego Zoo Safari Park

Travel tips to visit San Diego Zoo and Wild animal safari park

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a perfect place to have some roarring fun with family and kids when you are visiting USA. A 2 hour drive away from LA makes a perfect day trip to this zoo and safari park. This was a part of our itinerary apart from several other theme parks we went to when we were in this country . This was exciting for us, because it was our first time.In this episode of “A Classic Mom Travels”  we went to one of the biggest  San Diego attraction, which is a sister property of the San Diego Zoo, offers dozens of fun tours through the park.

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Located at the dry rolling hills of the gorgeous San Pascal Valley, this wild life sanctuary is home to over 3500 wild life animals and endangered species. The best thing about the park is the expansive free range enclosure that gives us a chance to see the animals from a shorter distance.

Quick Tips:

Tip No 1. It is always a good idea to plan for a full day at the park, there’s lots to do and see

Tip No 2. If you are in California for a week take the South Cal pass that will cost you only $350 and give the opportunity to visit all the theme parks which is fabulous. It will allow you to visit Disneyland (with one park hopping day, magic hour pass), 1 day in Legoland, 1 day in Seaworld and 1 day in Sandiego Zoo and Safari Park. I think that’s a great deal!

Tip No 3. Grab a map on the station on the right when you enter the park. They will give you details of all the animal encounters to plan your day right when you are at the zoo.

Tip No 4. Wear comfortable shoes for walking and carry layer clothing as it could be cold in the morning hours

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Tip No 5. Arrive early. You’ll avoid the larger afternoon crowds, plus the animals tend to be most active in the cool morning hours.

Tip No 6. The best part of our visit is the Africa Tram Safari wherein we rode tram car and saw wild life very closely.The ride was approximately for 20- 30 mins, and we had a very articulate tour guide who pointed out to various species and told us a lot about them. Plan the Africa tour as soon as you enter the park as there is often a long queue to the ride.If you are lucky you can do it twice like us.

Tip No 7. Go to the Gorilla exhibit which is a stunning up, close and personal encounter with the Gorilla family without any fences to block the view.

Tip No 8. See the lions from multiple angles at the lion camp. This habitat features a lot of peeks into open dens so will surely be able to see these large animals.Don’t forget to take a selfie with the lions family.

Tip No 9.The famous Cheetah run takes place once a day at 3:30 in the afternoon. Don’t miss this. It is a lot of fun to see this presentation so reach this place at 3: 00.

Tip No 10. Last but not the least. Follow the tiger Trails into a bamboo forest into lush green exhibit that features several Sumatran tigers. This place has pools and a waterfall you can walk under. They also have a shop which has a viewing area with chairs where you can sit and view the tigers going up and down parading in fron of you.

Watch the video till the end and let me know who you like it. Also do comment with your tips and experiences at the Safari Park.

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